50km/100km Ultra
It always seems impossible until it’s done
Run it solo

The course

If you're looking for a course that’s mentally challenging but absolutely stunning, this is it!

The CP Ultra course consists of a 3.57 km dirt track, which runs in a loop around Centennial Park. You’ll begin at McKay Oval and travel in a clockwise direction for the duration of the race. All runners must complete the marked course on foot under their own power and must stay on the marked course; shortcuts are not permitted. 

Runners in the 50km event will complete 14 aps, while runners in the 100km must complete a full 28 laps of pleasure and pain.

The atmosphere

For newbies to ultra running, CP Ultra is the ideal race for you to cement your ultra status. Being a looped course, you can plan your race strategy based on timing per lap or time. Your nutritional strategy can be easily managed as you run pass your 'base' every 3.54km. 

For seasoned ultra die-hards, you know the drill: we’re relaxed, yet serious. We’re well-organised. And we’re family-friendly. We’re here to support you and your crew to ensure that race day is exactly what you dream it to be.

For 2015, we are introducing special 'runners pit lanes'. This will provide you with easier access to your support crew or race supplies (if you’re running the race solo).

The ultimate running event

Regardless if you are running the 50km or the 100km, you’re guaranteed of one thing – an absolutely awesome event. So register now, slip on the runners and head out the door because you want to make the most of the experience. Make every day count!