Are you ready? Take it up a notch - challenge yourself. Go Ultra
 - Keith 'Buzz' Hong, CP Ultra Race Director

It used to be that running a 50- or 100-km race earned you bragging rights for life. And it still does. But are you keen to take it up a notch? To make the most of every step beyond the 42.2km?

Whether you class yourself as an endurance runner or are still on your way, we have the race for you. Centennial Park Ultra is a class of ultra marathon that’s a step above the rest – it’s not only physically and mentally challenging, but it is also an experience like no other.

It’s long, it’s tough and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Think you have what it takes? Finish the Centennial Park Ultra, and everything afterward will seem like a fun run.

Run your ultra marathon your way – compete as an individual or part of a team


2016 will be it's sixth consecutive year. The Centennial Park Ultra Marathon is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most iconic ultra marathons. Enter as an individual in the 50km or 100km events, or team up and go the distance with friends. It is the perfect race preparation for those participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker (3 weeks) or Sydney Marathon (6 weeks).

Join hundreds of runners from Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia – strap on your runners and go for it! Conveniently located just 5km from Sydney CBD, Centennial Park is easily accessible and the perfect location for both competitors and supporters. 

Come run with us – and experience an Ultra race like no other.

The Events

At the heart of CP Ultra are two distances – 50km and 100km. The 50km event have been a regular sharpening race for runners selected to represent Australia in the worlds 100km championship. For others, the 100km is both a physical and mental challenge as they battle 24 laps 

You can, of course, run solo, but we realise that ultra-running isn’t for everyone, so we offer non-ultra runners the opportunity to participate in teams, running either event in relays. 


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The  Organiser

Buzz Events & Co. is a 'for runners by runners' events management company. They specialise in producing bespoke events and this is a classic example of a unique branded race. With experience from races 

Company Director, Keith Hong, is widely known within the running community. His professional experience (ranging from Sydney’s City2Surf,  Blue Mountain's The North Face 100 ,Newcastle iStadiumRun and  many grassroots running events), combined with his passion and experience as an avid runner, brings Buzz Events & Co unparalleled insight into the strategic management of world-class running events.