Join hundreds of like-minded runners around Australia in Sydney City's only ultra-marathon. Now in it's 6th year in 2016, this iconic event takes place in one of Australia’s most celebrated public parks, Centennial Parkland. Also dubbed “the People’s Park”, CP Ultra host the 50km and 100km individual races, as well as team relay and family event.


If you're looking for a course that’s mentally challenging but absolutely stunning, this is it

The CP Ultra course consists of a 3.54 km dirt track, which runs in a loop around Centennial Park. You’ll begin at McKay Oval and travel in a clockwise direction for the duration of the race. All runners must complete the marked course on foot under their own power and must stay on the marked course; shortcuts are not permitted. 


Solo                            50km solo
                                    Solo runners in the 50km event will complete 14 laps of the 3.54km course, in-addition to 440m running                                                             distance     

                                    100km solo                
                                    Solo runners in the 100km event will complete 28 laps of the 3.54km course, in-addition to 880m running distance.  

                                   Solo runners will complete 12 laps of the 3.54km course with the first lap slightly shorter. The complete distance once                                    crossing the final 12 laps will be 42.195km* (Limited field)

Team                          50km team relay      
                                    A pair of runners (2 runners maximum) will complete a total of 14 laps in any tag-sequence. The minimum number of                                       laps for runner 1 or runner 2 is one lap. 

                                   100km team relay    
                                   The 100km team relay have three separate sub-categories. Teams can enter as a team of two, three or four runners.
                                   The minimum number of laps for any relay runner is one lap. Prizes are awarded only to the winning team of 100km                                        team of two, three &  four.

Family                        Family team relay
                                   The family team relay (50km) category is catered towards families who wants a more inclusive experience. You can                                        have up to eight family members (youngest is 8 years old) running to complete the 50km challenge (14 laps). The                                            minimum number of laps for any runner is one lap.  Family team relay are not eligible for any awards.


Event                          Early Bird                                         Standard                                                     Late
                                  1st March - 15 April                       16 April - 16 July                                     17 Jul - 3th Aug

50km Solo                 $125                                       $140                                                           $155

100km Solo               $165                                             $185                                                           $200

50km team relay*     $150                                             $190                                                          $230

team relay (pair)*      $200                                       $230                                                          $270
team relay (three)*    $255                                       $315                                                           $345

team relay (four)*      $280                                       $360                                                          $440

Marathon Distance    $90                                             $110                                                           $125

Family Entry              $180                                            $180                                                         $180                                                    
(Team of 3 - 8)
Not eligible for team awards