We are proud to welcome Dion Finocchiaro, as the ambassador for the 2016 Centennial Park Ultra Marathon presented by Running Science.  The Victorian based ultra-runner comes with an impressive resume. In the last two years especially, he is establishing himself as one of Australia’s top ultra runners when he broke the nation 6-Hour track record with an astounding 84.6km. Over the weekend Canberra 48hours event, Dion ran an impressive 7:16.30 for 100km, a qualifying time for the World 100km championship later the years.  

Over the next few months, Dion, a qualified chef, massage therapist and Strava runner, will be sharing his training and nutrition tips (especially coming from a professional chef) with everyone.

Here's a short interview we had with Dion recently.

Why did you want to run CP Ultra

It is a great opportunity to have a good hit out before the 100km World Championships later this year. Plus the competition of other fast runners and the chance for travel.

What's your running mantra?

Enjoy my running, have a positive attitude and be the best runner that I can be.

What's your A race for 2016

Gold Coast Marathon and the 100km World Championships.

Have you run your best race yet?

No, not yet but I know my time will come.

What do you do when you aren't running??

I am currently studying at Victoria University full time and work as a qualified chef on my other days. So I don't really have a lot of spare time in my week. I generally catch up with friends for some runs during the week.

If I'm a  flower, what would I be?

Something that isn't too feminine. Maybe a food plant that flowers like zucchini. Yum

If I'm an animal, what would I be?

I would love to be able to fly. Something high on the food chain. An eagle