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Dear runners

It is with heavy heart to inform you all that the annual Centennial Park Ultra Marathon presented by Running Science, which was scheduled for August 4th, 2017, will not be going ahead.

Since it's inception back in 2011, CPUltra has always been focused on you, the runners, and providing you the most personalised and community experience. We are proud to say that, year on year, we were able to deliver that. This is reflected by the growth of the participants; from a humble 40 runners to over 350 solo and team runners in 2016.

The growth of CPUltra meant we no longer fit into the current Parklands 'social sports' category, but now, 'major events.' My team and I were initially excited by our new categorisation, as it would give us the opportunity to scale the event (bigger start and finishing chute, a diverse side program for families while the race is going on, and more importantly, continuing to give more value to you, our dearest participants). However, the significant increase in fee and the short time frame does not allow us to make this a viable event without increasing the entry fee or compromising our standards and safety.

What now? Great question. This certainly isn't the end for CPUltra. We want to continue to serve you, and we are committed to work with Centennial Parklands on a viable and sustainable model that will allow us to come back in 2018 for our eighth edition.

There are questions regarding refunds for those who had deferred their entries, as well as a few for whom we had agreed to refund 2016 fees. We are ready to process them. Please send an email to

I like to take this opportunity to thank these supporters ; Without you, this event would not have lasted 7 years.

Running Science (our dearest and amazing preseting partner)
Athletics NSW (Amazing support from our state body)
iMove Physiotherapy (Specialist runners Physio clinic)
Tailwind Nutrition Australia (All that you need. Period!)
Roccet ID (Simplified runners ID solutions!) Love you all)
Achilles Sydney (We look forward to be able to support you and your group)
Centennial Parklands (Thank you for allowing us the use of the space last seven years. We would like to continue to work with you for the eight edition and beyond)

My runners and running groups. I will miss you dearly. But trust that we do all within our means to bring this event back.

In the meantime, we urge you to let Centennial Parklands know that you would like us back, and for them to help us on a sustainable plan for the future of this amazing community event.

My deepest apology

Keith 'Buzz' HONG
Race Director